"The cornerstone of American democracy is the right to vote. It is not a partisan issue –– it is an American issue.  I believe in serving every Kentuckian regardless of political affiliation. Having served in two administrations, I have the reputation of working with both sides of the aisle in a fair and impartial manner. As your next Secretary of State,  I will bring my experience of leading a statewide office and developing legislative policy while also working through a budget to provide a strategic plan for long term goals for employees and services. I understand the challenges the office of the Secretary of State faces and I am ready for the job."

--Heather French Henry
Civics Education
I believe we must partner with our teachers to provide them tools and programming that can help educate our students from grades K-12 about the impact of government on their community.  It is all too often that young people turn away from participating in government due to the toxic nature society has created surrounding politics.  
Restoration of Voting Rights
I support the automatic restoration of voting rights to non-violent, non-treasonous offenders who paid their debts to society. There are unintended consequences to permanently stripping people of their voting rights. How can parents instill the importance of the right to vote in their children if they can’t participate in the democratic process? Returning the right to vote to those non-violent offenders who have paid their debts to society is crucial to increasing participation. Importantly, disenfranchisement laws disproportionality impact people of color. Twenty-five percent of black men in Kentucky are disenfranchised--that means one in four black men have no say in the political process.
Make Voting More Accessible
We should extend polling hours on Election Day. I believe creating an early voting period starting two Saturdays before Election Day will increase voter participation. I am in favor of no excuse absentee voting.  To accomplish these goals, I will partner with all 120 county clerks to determine the resources they need to successfully implement these reforms to make voting more accessible for all Kentuckians. 
Business Filings

In addition to voting, the Secretary of State’s office provides business services. I want to expand these services, which already reach 250,000 businesses and organizations. The Secretary of State's Office has the largest and most complete database for businesses and organizations in the state.  Having experience working through the business filing process, I would like to streamline information to create a broader awareness for our businesses and organizations as to other programs and services being offered by other state agencies. As a small-business owner, I want to make Kentucky as business-friendly as possible.

Historic Document Preservation

Many people may not know that the office of the Secretary of State is responsible for handling and archiving historic land grant documents and information.  As a true preservationist of our state's history, I would like to make more Kentuckians aware of this service and expand the awareness of these valuable Kentucky treasures.


Voter Security
"It takes experience to understand working with sensitive information in this digital world.  Making our voters feel safe and their vote secure is my number one priority."

Kentucky needs a person who has experience working with sensitive information.  Making our voters feel safe and their vote secure is my number one priority."

No Kentuckian should ever question "if their vote counts" or worry whether their voter information is compromised. It is imperative that we make every attempt to provide the safety and security Kentuckians deserve.

Partnering with Kentucky's County Clerks

It is essential that the Secretary of State partners with the county clerks. Anytime you make a change, it’s important to work with the boots on the ground. That’s why I will work with county clerks to make voting easier, not harder. I will apply for grants for county clerks to get up-to-date election equipment, and do everything I can to support all county clerks.


  • Heather French Henry
  • Heather French Henry
  • Heather French Henry

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